Comprehensive treatment of sinusitis without a puncture at home

In the human body, the nose performs an extremely important function: it warms, cleans and moisturizes the air entering the lungs, protecting them from hypothermia and the penetration of various kinds of infections. The air that has passed through the nasal cavity is saturated with nitrogen oxide, which, in turn, saturates the blood with oxygen.

Tonsillitis - symptoms and treatment at home in adults

Tonsillitis affects the tonsils, thereby causing inflammation in them. It belongs to the group of infectious diseases, the causative agent of which is a viral or bacterial infection. Acute tonsillitis is often referred to as angina, and its chronic form is diagnosed in 10-15% of the world's population. The characteristic symptoms of tonsillitis are manifested in an increase in body temperature, which is accompanied by pain in a grief of varying intensity.

Heart arrhythmia - what is it and how to treat?

Arrhythmias of the heart - violations of the frequency, rhythm and sequence of contractions of the heart. They can occur with structural changes in the conduction system in diseases of the heart and (or) under the influence of vegetative, endocrine, electrolyte and other metabolic disorders, with intoxication and some medicinal effects.

100 to 100 pressure - what does that mean?

The pressure of 100 to 100 - this figure may be the athlete, and a person who constantly trains in the gym, is engaged in fitness. Most often, such pressure and the one who is hard physically working. In this case, such indicators for these categories of the norm. It used to be considered that the lower pressure does not play a special role if the upper indicator is normal.